The futile struggle to save this great software

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A. Intaglio Links
B. Articles – Mac Vector Dwg. Programs
C. List – of Mac Vector Dwg. Programs
D. Apple App Store

About This Web Page:

Intaglio is a great (the greatest??) consumer-level Mac vector drawing and dimensioning program — that many people have been using for years. But it looks like the developer may be “abandoning” it — and a lot of us are concerned.

1. The Users’ Discussion Forum

2. The Facebook Group

Facebook group for Facebook exposure for discussion about REPLACEMENTS-only.

We have the option to COPY some info from the Freeway Forum to this Facebook group.

All discussion about Intaglio itself (not about replacements) shall remain on the Freeway Forum.

3. The Video
This amateur video (made by me) could probably be described as “too little, too late”



A. Intaglio Links

This ‘Links’ section was last modified 8/22/2021

These articles specifically mention Intaglio

1. Forum:
  • (New forum) Discourse Forum for Intaglio users’ discussion:
  • (Old forum) Freeway Forum:
    1. MacInTouch Community “vector graphics programs
      • Discusses Intaglio alternatives
    2. “Intaglio” discussion.
      • Discusses Intaglio & lists a lot of possible alternatives
    3. Formid Apps “Intaglio” page
      • Lists Intaglio capabilities
    4. “Intaglio Alternatives
      • Some of the alternatives listed are raster, and some are Windows only
        ###### Running on macOS 11 Big Sur: ######
    5. Forum: “Intaglio under macOS Big Sur” in
    6. Forum: “Big Sur compatibility” in Intaglio FreewayTalk forum.
      ~~~~~~~~ Other Intaglio Links: ~~~~~~~~
    7. Intaglio Youtube VIDEO (amateur video by James Ingram)
    8. Archive Page 1 – has OUTDATED Intaglio links and a few MacDraw links.



    B. Articles – Other Apps

    B1. Articles-Other Mac Vector Drawing Apps:

    This ‘Articles’ section was last modified 8/22/2021

    These articles do NOT specifically mention Intaglio

    Notes: (re below articles)
    * These articles are listed (mostly) ALPHABETICALLY by source (except #1 Wikipedia).
    * Most of these articles were obtains by doing a Google search for “best macintosh vector drawing programs“.
    * Numbers within each article: If the web page article numbered the apps, I copied the copied the numbers.
    * If the web page did NOT number the apps, then the apps are listed without numbers, in the order listed on the web page.
    * Note I (mostly) did NOT include vector-drawing articles, that were NOT Mac-specific.

    1. Wikipedia, “Comparison of vector graphics editors
      • Mentions: Many programs (both Windows & Mac), but Intaglio and MacDraft are not included
    2. Forum, “Best Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for iOS and Mac” (June 2019)
      • Mentions: Affinity Designer, Graphic, Amadine, Inkscape.
      • Interesting comment about Intaglio in the comments section at bottom.
    3., “4 Mac Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for Vector Graphic Design” (Feb 2018)
      • Mentions: Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Vectr, Graphic
    4., “7 Best Vector Programs For Mac” (July 2021)
      • Mentions: 1 Adobe Illustrator, 2 Inkscape, 3 Vectr, 4 Vecteezy, 5 Boxy SVG, 6 Pixelmator Pro, 7 Affinity Designer
    5., “10 Best Graphic Design Software For Mac of 2021” (Aug 2021)
      • Mentions: 1 Adobe Illustrator, 2 Affinity_Designer, 3 CorelDRAW, 4 Inkscape, 5 Corel Painter, 6 Autodesk Graphic, 7 Sketch, 8 Gravit Designer, 9 OpenOffice Draw, 10 EazyDraw
    6., “Working with Vector Graphics on macOS” (Dec. 2019)
      • Mentions: Krita, 2. Boxy SVG, 3. SVG-Edit, 4. Inkscape, 5. RollApp, 6. Vectr, 7. LibreOffice Draw, 8. Fatpaint
    7., “The Best Vector Software for Mac Designers on a Budget” (Jul 2021)
      • Mentions: 1 Inkscape, 2 Vectr, 3 LibreOffice Draw, 4 Boxy SVG, 5 Autodesk Graphic (formerly iDraw), 6 Pixelmator Pro, 7 Affinity Designer, 8 Sketch
    8., “Vector Graphics Software for Mac” (for Mac of 2021)
      • Mentions: PDF Studio, MyDraw, Adobe Illustrator, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, Inkscape, DrawPad, Canvas X Draw, Drawtify, Vectr, sK1, Boxy SVG
    9., “The Best Vector Image Editor Software for Mac” (undated) (
      • Mentions: 1 Illustrator, 2 Super Vectorizer Pro, 3 Vector Magic, 4 Inkscape for Mac, 5 Image Vectorizer for Mac.
      • Note the author is the make of Super Vectorizer Pro.
    10., “10 Best Vector Graphics Software for Mac” (July 2021)
      • Mentions: 1 Inkscape, 2 Vectr, 3 LibreOffice Draw, 4 Boxy SVG, 5 Autodesk Graphic, 6 Pixelmator Pro, 7 Affinity Designer, 8 Sketch, 9 Corel Draw, 10 Krita
        ~~~~~~~~ OLDER (or specialized) ARTICLES: ~~~~~~~~
    11., “8 Impressive Vector Drawing Applications on the Mac App Store” (Jan 2012) NOTE OLD DATE
      • Mentions: Pixelmator, Sketch, iDraw, Artboard, INTAGLIO, Keynote, Hype, Acorn
    12., “Best Vector Graphics Software for Mac” (undated)
      • Mentions: CorelDRAW, Sketch, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, OmniGraffle, Vectr, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Vector Magic, Cinema 4D, Pencil2D, DrawPad, Houdini, RenderMan, Vectornator Pro, sK1, Amadine, Boxy SVG, Calligra Suite, Cheetah3D, Gravit Designer Pro, NoteLedge
    13., “The Best Vector Image Editor Software for Mac” (undated) (This article appears to focus more on apps for CONVERTING raster images to vectors
      • Mentions: 1 Illustrator, 2 Super Vectorizer Pro, 3 Vector Magic, 4 Inkscape for Mac, 5 Image Vectorizer for Mac.
      • Note the author is the make of Super Vectorizer Pro.
      • Note: Some of these appear oriented to converting raster images to vectors.
    14., “The Five Best Free Drawing Apps For Mac” (June 2021)
      • Except for Inkscape, these appear to be more painting apps.
      • Mentions: 5 Autodesk Sketchbook, 4 Krita, 3 MediBang Paint, 2 Inkscape, 1 FireAlpaca

    B2. Intaglio “Mentions” , from Above Articles

    Forum: “Best Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for iOS and Mac” by (June 2019)
    Comments Section: Ajcarr, June 16, 2019 9:52PM, Reply 5 of 27

    “What about the venerable Intaglio? This has been around for years and remains my go-to app for vector graphics. It will even let me import and edit PDFs. There’s an amazing amount of power in a pretty tiny package, though the UI looks like it came out of Classic Mac OS (but I find nothing wrong with that): There’s also OmniGraffle, which has also been around for a while: Omni Group have been producing software since the days of NeXTSTEP.”

    “8 Impressive Vector Drawing Applications on the Mac App Store” by (Jan 2012) NOTE DATE

    “In it’s own words, Intaglio retains the feel of MacDraw while harnessing the full capabilities of Quartz and CoreImage. Old timers soon feel right at home and those new to Mac drawing pick it up quickly. It’s safe to say that this app operates differently to most modern vector drawing apps, but it provides incredible control of the vector elements, can potentially create complex, photorealistic images, and has good import and export support.”



    C. List – of Mac Vector Dwg. Programs

    This ‘List of Apps’ section was last modified 8/22/2021

    • Under Construction, ‘Google Sheets’ spreadsheet “Possible Intaglio Replacements” (This was an initial attempt to tabulate website, price, SVG import [or not], support forums, videos, and other info.)

    The below list is NOT complete, and is only APPROXIMATE

    Notes: (re below list of apps)
    * This list of apps was taken mostly from the above articles in Section B.
    * These apps are listed here ALPHABETICALLY.
    * The notation [online] indicates it is a web-based app.
    * If you do a Google search for “best MacIntosh CAD software“, you’ll find MORE programs, that are not included in the below list.

    * Note the App Store contains many MORE vector apps, than the above articles and this list include.
    Two Ways to Look: View the category “Graphics & Design” , or search the App Store for “vector drawing“.

    1. Acorn
    2. Adobe Illustrator – subscription $240/yr
    3. Affinity Designer – $50 one-time
    4. Amadine – $20 one-time
    5. Artboard
    6. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (formerly iDraw)
    7. Bloom
    8. Boxy SVG – free
    9. CADintosh
    10. Canva – free & subscription plans
    11. Canvas
    12. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
    13. CorelDRAW Standard 2021 – $299 lifetime
    14. CorelCAD 2021 – $699.00 lifetime
    15. DrawPad – free version for non-commercial use
    16. Drawtify – subscription $99/year , free limited version
    17. Eazydraw – $95 lifetime, $20 trial license for 9 months
    18. Fatpaint – free [online], raster & vector editing, requires registration
    19. Google Drawings – [online] free, part of Google Docs
    20. Graphic aka Autodesk Graphic – $30 one-time (by creators of AutoCAD)
    21. Gravit Designer – [online] free
    22. Growly Draw
    23. iDraw – renamed to Graphic (see above)
    24. Inkscape – free (open-source GNU-based; Inkscape will not work out of the box, and must be installed via MacPorts, either as an X11 build or a native Quartz build)
    25. INTAGLIO – ?abandoned (info at
    26. Kiyut Sketsa
    27. Krita – free – raster editing w/added vector capability
    28. LibreOffice Draw – free
    29. MacDraft Personal Edition – $99 lifetime
    30. MacDraft Professional – $399 lifetime
    31. MyDraw – ?GONE (website won’t load)
    32. OmniGraffle
    33. OpenOffice Draw – free (clumsy, in my opinion)
    34. Pixelmator Pro – $40 one-time
    35. RealCADD
    36. RollApp – free [online version of Inkscape]
    37. sK1 2.0 – open source from Polamd
    38. Sketch – subscription $99/year
    39. Sketchup – [online] free, also subscription
    40. SVG-Edit – free [online]
    41. Vecteezy Editor – ??free limited version, also subscription $108/year
    42. VectorWorks
    43. Vectornator
    44. Vectr free [online]
      ~~~~~~The following appear to be oriented to CONVERTING raster images to vector images:
    45. Image Vectorizer for Mac – $5 one time, in App Store
    46. Super Vectorizer Pro – $40 lifetime
    47. Vector Magic – $10/mo. online, or $295 one time desktop version
      ~~~~~~The following may be more “PAINT” ORIENTED”:
    48. xxx
      . ~~~~~~PDF Editors:
    49. PDF Studio $89



    D. App Store

    • The Apple App Store contains many of the apps in the above list, plus more apps that are NOT in the above list.
    • The 2 below images, show screen captures of part of the App Store.
    • * You can search the App Store for “vector drawing” (1st image), or view the category “Graphics & Design” (2nd image).