D1. Recent Mac Operating Systems:

Intaglio still runs on the recent Mac OSs:

  • macOS 10.14: Mojave: Runs pretty well, with a few bugs (My own experience is below)
  • macOS 10.15: Catalina: Runs pretty well (per Intaglio forum comments)
  • macOS 11: Big Sur – “somewhat shakey” (per forum comments)
  • macOS 12: Monterey – don’t know, not released yet

D2. About The Bugs:

  • I seem to observe the following “bugs” when using Intaglio with OS 10.14 Mojave that I’m using.
    • Sometimes quitting and restarting Intaglio will correct the problem.

D3. Bugs That Seem to Disappear After RESTARTING:

  • Clipboard: Sometimes clipboard will not not work, to copy to OTHER applications.
  • Copy: Sometimes the Copy/Paste function stops working — even WITHIN Intaglio.
    • Often the “Option-Drag” procedure will still work.
  • Page Setup: After I change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape (or visa versa), I have to close the file, and then re-open it, to see the new margins. (Zoom out, then zoom back in may correct this.)

D4. Bugs That Seem to Persist, Regardless of Restarting:

  • Line Width: Often, when I move the endpoints of LINES, the line width seems to get messed up (and I have to redo the width).
  • Zoom: The “Zoom to Selection: command no longer seems to work.