Developer Info

This page last modified 8/8/2021

The developer of the Intaglio program is (we believe) a gentleman from Durango, Colorado named Nick Nallick (Nicolai Alexis Nallick).

A. Aug. 2021 Letter to Nick Nallick:

B. Three Questions for Nick:

  1. Any possibility of us paying you to update this program?
  2. Any possibility of us paying you to subcontract the updating of this program? (if you’re too busy yourself)
    If Intaglio cannot be updated:
  3. Do you have any idea, what would be the most SIMILAR application — that could import Intaglio data files.

C. Possible Contact Info for Nick

Developer Nick Nallick’s personal website:

Nick’s website lists a landline phone number 970-259-7129
and also an email address

Nick’s Facebook page:

Possible Addresses

  • Purgatory Design
    P.O. Box 2483, Durango, CO 81302
  • 438 Hors . . . .
  • 430 Rend . . . .
D. April 2020 Letter to Purgatory Design

The below image shows a letter I sent to Purgatory Design back in April 2020 .

Note I suggested to the developer, that he charge for periodic updates.