MacDraw Info

1. Intaglio Links – Outdated:

2. MacDraw Links:

  • Video: “A Tour of Macintosh System 1.1 – Software Showcase” by ‘Computer Clan’, ; jump ahead to the 2min 4sec point, where the narrator is discussing MacDraw.
  • You can search Youtube for the term “MacDraw” to find about MORE 3 videos that show MacDraw running on 1980 & 1990 vintage Macs.
  • Low End Mac MacDraw Page: ; this page has a MacDraw HISTORY.
  • Facebook:

3. EazyDraw Links:

  • EazyDraw 2011 demo on Youtube, “Mac App review – EAZYDRAW” by ‘dgtronics’, .
    EasyDraw is a somewhat similar program to Intaglio, from a different company.